Management & Hosting

Websites are not a "build-it and forget-it" part of your business. With most websites now powered by WordPress, there will be continuous updates to the core files, themes, and software plugins each month, as well as annual license renewal fees associated with these plugins. If these updates are not carried out and tested on a monthly basis, you'll end up with website problems, security breaches, or even a complete failure.

I've got you covered

Sailors & Mermaids takes care of everything for you and much more, so you can focus on your business and not your technology. 

Blazing Fast Hosting

Fast, rock-solid hosting that's perfect for all websites. You'll also receive a free SSL certificate to secure all your pages.

Daily Backups

Daily backups of your entire website. If something major goes wrong, we can quickly restore it and you're back in business.

Security Monitoring

Regularly scheduled security scans are conducted to make sure your site is secure. If any problems are found, we'll clean it up in a hurry.

Free Support Tasks

Depending on your plan, you'll get unlimited requests (up to 30 minutes each) to take care of any tasks that you need done.

Software Updates

All the latest software updates installed and tested. Ensuring that you’re running the latest, most secure software, void of issues.

Client Reports

You'll get our monthly report highlighting everything we did to your website. Also includes your ecommerce stats. See example.

Email Support

Have questions or need help? Something not working right? Let us know and we'll get back to you within 2 hours.

Software Fees Included

All your plugin software requires annual license renewal costs to keep them updated and active. We've got your costs covered.

Training Videos

You'll get access to our video tutorials walking you through your website so you can easily learn how everything works.

Choose the Web Care plan that's right for you

Both plans include hosting and free support time.


$99 / Month

  • The best hosting & management solution for standard websites. Keep your website updated and secure 24/7.
  • Hosting with free SSL
  • 1 hour of free support tasks
  • Priority email support
  • Daily website backups
  • Core software & plugin updates
  • Annual software fees included
  • Security monitoring 24/7
  • Monthly maintenance reports
  • Video tutorials


$199 / Month

  • Required for ecommerce sites. Includes everything in the Web Maintain plan plus unlimited support tasks.
  • Hosting with free SSL
  • Unlimited support tasks
  • Priority email support
  • Daily website backups
  • Core software & plugin updates (+ecommerce)
  • Annual software fees included (+ecommerce)
  • Security monitoring 24/7
  • Monthly maintenance reports
  • Video tutorials

"We love having our hosting and support included! Before coming to Sailors & Mermaids we were paying separate for hosting and getting nickel and dimed for everything we wanted done with our previous designer. Not only does David provide a great service, but most importantly We trust him and know our website is in good hands. Thank you!"

–Marcio, Diamond Anvils

Have some questions?

What's included in my unlimited support tasks time?

Any content updates and changes that take 30 minutes or less to complete is free. The most common requests are text and image changes or adding new products etc. Requests for adding new advanced features or design changes to your website will likely result in a formal quote as those commonly go well over 30 minutes.

How does billing work?

Your credit card account will be charged automatically at the start of each month. Once payment is complete, you'll receive a receipt in your inbox.

Do I need to sign up on a Web Care plan?

Nope! We understand if you have you own web development team ready to take over and keep your website maintained, updated, and to handle all support issues. However, for a fraction of the cost, we'll take care of everything for you including hosting.

What if I need more hours?

If you have a task that requires more than 30 minutes time, we will submit a quote for you to approve separately from your plan. However, many times we will evaluate requests that exceed your time on a case by case basis, and with approval, work past the time and bill for time exceeded at our current support rate of $100/hr.

Sailors & Mermaids

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