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stickerbeat ecommerce website design

The challenge

Stickerbeat needed help designing and developing an ecommerce site for their new start-up business selling custom stickers, decals, and magnets. They wanted it to be easy for their customer to be able to upload their artwork, choose their size and quantity, then receive an online proof for approval prior to printing.

Our solution

As always we built it responsive so that it looks and functions beautifully on all devices. Their customers can easily choose a pre-determined size or input their own custom sizes if they wish. We also implemented an online approval system for sending customer proofs prior to printing. A couple of other gems that we added were customer review reminders for better conversions and store credit coupons for rewarding loyal customers.

The result

Carmine and his team are absolutely delighted with their new website. He says it makes Stickerbeat stand out from his competitors in a major way. After 6 months they are already moving up quickly with some of their keyword phrases we used as part of the on-page SEO. They are also seeing an increase in their conversion rates every month.

Sailors & Mermaids was an absolute pleasure to work with. David took the time in the beginning to really get to know us and consistently brought new and creative ideas to the table which perfectly fit our company. He made the entire process very easy for us and exceeded our expectations every step of the way. We're excited to be onboard with him.


Stickerbeat, Inc.

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