Our Process


It's like cruising from port to port for a new website

How it works

Over the years, we've worked with many businesses on a variety of website projects. Our experience has enabled us to create a process that feels less like being lost at sea and more like a Caribbean Cruise with your family and friends: fun, affordable, and invigorating. There will be times during your project when we'll need your input and feedback, but we've developed some cool ways to keep things simple and efficient.

To give you some idea of how we work, the following will help you understand the process we've created for keeping your website project on budget and running smoothly.

1. Discover

We chart our course

We start off by by getting to know your business. We'll ask you about your goals and the objectives that you want your website to achieve. We'll ask you questions about your business, your ideal customers, your services and your products. Once we have all the information we need, we'll chart our course and build a visual sitemap that displays all the pages of your new website. This helps us make sure we are all on the same page about what it is we’re trying to communicate and how your content should be structured.

2. Design

We craft your website

Once we receive all your content from you including text, images, services and product info, the fun starts as we'll begin to establish the look and feel of your beautiful new website. Rather than trying to explain what we are doing, we'll create a visual mock-up of your website in the browser so you can see the design taking shape. Once you've approved the design, we'll move into the development phase where we start connecting everything.

3. Develop

We bring it all together

This is where the magic happens, and you will start seeing your website taking shape. Using the latest technology we bring together all the moving parts including content, pages and ecommerce into a fully-functioning website. We will also test the site on all modern browsers as well as various mobile devices to ensure your site looks great for all your visitors. This phase takes the most time to complete, but is well worth the wait.

4. Deploy

We launch and celebrate

The Launch phase is our favorite part of the project because we get to step outside, see daylight and smell the salty air. Here is where we run all our website tests, optimize all your pages for SEO, then switch your website over to your own unique domain name and launch your website for the world to see. And just like when you throttle up and leave port for the open water, it's a big moment for all of us, so let's have a beer or two and celebrate!

Launch your sales!

We'll get the needle moving in the right direction with an ecommerce website that's perfect for your business.