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How your ecommerce shop can have the most successful Christmas season yet

How your ecommerce shop can have the most successful Christmas season yet

The holiday season is almost upon us, which means you should hopefully have been busy setting up your ecommerce shop for a successful year-end! If you’re a bit late, don’t worry. Personalization could be the holiday miracle you’ve been hoping for.

We believe personalization can truly be the key to your success over the final – and crucial – few months of the year. So we have put together a list of quick, easy-to-implement solutions to make sure you’re on top of your game.

1. Increase conversions with personalized product recommendations

Ever received a present so at odds with your taste that you’ve wondered if the giver knows you at all? Ignore the individuality of your customers and they could be left wondering the same thing.

We now have more information about buyers than ever before, and you would be silly not to use it: customers that are displayed personalized recommendations convert up to 65% better.

What you do is harvest previously-gathered customer insights, such as browsing and buying behavior, and use these to display personalized product recommendations, making sure the journey to the perfect item is as quick and smooth as possible.

2. Highlight holiday winners with top lists and trending items

In an ideal world, you would know everything about every person who comes to your store – but what about new visitors you are yet to get to know? While you may not be able to offer them 1:1 personalization straight away, that isn’t to say you can’t steer them in the right holiday direction!

Apply crowd logic to your recommendations, automatically highlighting best-sellers and top trending pieces. Not only will you be presenting those items most likely to convert, but also reflecting seasonal changes and trends that could mean the difference between holiday happiness and a festive flop.

3. Generate traffic by promoting sales

If ever there was proof that shoppers love a bargain, then Black Friday and Cyber Monday are it. In fact, in 2014 Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day in US e-commerce history, with sales of $2.65 billion USD. And now that phenomenon has crossed the pond, meaning everyone has the chance to boost their holiday season with much-in-demand sales!

Of course, it is best practice to announce your discounts early in an email or newsletter, but let’s face it, you’re not going to be the only one taking that approach. Stand out from the crowd by giving customers a personalized glimpse of what’s to come – with recommendations based on what they have previously browsed or bought.

Not only is this going to increase your sales, but it’s also exemplary customer service.

4. Increase AOV by offering alternative and complementary products

There is no denying that people are more likely to be in the spending mood during the festive period. Encourage this by suggesting the products other customers have typically purchased with the items in your buyer’s cart.

This not only makes it easier for them to find relevant items, but also gives you the opportunity to include alternative, more expensive products or more profitable in-house brands, helping boost average order sizes and increase profit margins.

Another great feature is adding stocking-filler recommendations on the cart page, to encourage impulse buys – like a sales assistant asking someone if they would like the batteries with the toy they are about to buy.

It offers great customer service, a chance to increase revenue and should hopefully mean less tears on Christmas morning!

5. Improve customer retention by sending personalized triggered emails

The holiday season sees our letterboxes become an exciting place – holiday greetings and badly wrapped presents! But our virtual letterbox can be swamped with unwanted commerce mail.

To make sure your communications don’t go on the return-to-sender pile (along with that hideous hat from Aunt Mildred), make sure to tailor them.

In the same way that a handwritten envelope will pique someone’s interest, so will a personalized email! In fact, personalized triggered emails have an average click-through rate 10x higher than the industry standard – so don’t just give your emails a festive make-over but also include highly relevant products recommendations to inspire return visits to your online store.

6. Boost customer acquisition on Social Media

It can be hard to stand out in the world of social advertising at the best of times, but with the holiday sales competition will be hotting up. Take your store right to the heart of the social media conversation, with products and offers that are automatically tailored according to users’ past browsing and buying behaviour, and deliver them directly into their news feed.

Compared to ‘static-one-size-fits-all’ ads, automated and dynamic product ads can generate performance improvements of up to 400%.

Whether you are attracting new customers with best-seller items, or retargeting old customers with personal re-engagement products, the result is the same: dynamic Facebook content that produces higher conversion rates, larger order values and happier customers.

7. Use pop-up technology to allow you to deliver timely discounts

The majority of sales are lost due to undecided, hesitant buyers. But with time-limited special offers and one-time discounts, you can create the sense of urgency needed to encourage customers to act now. Which, in this crucial season, is exactly what you need them to do!

Choose whether to target new customers, convert abandoning shoppers, or maximize revenue from those that came from a paid advertising campaign. Whatever your target audience, personalized offers are one thing on everyone’s Christmas wishlist!


So there you have it, everything you need to keep you in the holiday spirit this season! If you’d like help with your next ecommerce website, Contact me today.

About David Zupec

David Zupec is a web designer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids, a small web design studio based in Michigan. His passion is helping small businesses build a successful online presence.