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How long will it take to get to the first page of Google?

How long will it take to get to the first page of Google?

As an ecommerce web designer I get asked this question a lot: How long will it take to get to the first page of Google?

Truth is, I don’t know and neither does Google. 

It’s a very long-term strategy

First of all, there is absolutely NO magic tricks or special formulas to get you there folks, if you even do at all. It’s a long-term strategy and the time it takes for your website to move up in Google depends on many factors. It depends on the search phrases people are using to find your website and the number of other websites that are also competing for those search phrases. If you’re in a really competitive field or there are some well known brands out there that have been around for awhile, it’s going to take some time and you’re going to have to be persistent with your efforts. That is why nobody can truly say how long it will take for your website to appear at the top of search engine results pages (including people who actually work for Google).

Fools gold

There are plenty of “SEO gurus” out there that will promise you’ll get on the first page of Google within a couple of months or even less! Don’t fall for it – there is no such thing! Not unless their practices are shady.

Sure, you might see short term benefits, but Google is constantly improving their algorithm and sooner or later, you will be penalized for it and will be left with a mess to clean up.

Now for the real gold

You don’t need a big marketing budget, you don’t need to hire expensive agencies (which are often selling a bunch of expensive nonsense), you don’t even need a lot of knowledge about online marketing. The main thing you need to do is write (blog), and you need to write a lot and include relevant keywords! And not just about anything, you need to write about your business, or more importantly, about the topics your prospective customers are most interested in. Because your website will be constantly updated, Google’s crawler will notice, thus return more often and your chances of ranking higher will increase. Provided you are writing about topics, relevant to your visitors. If so, then your keyword density will automatically be high enough to boost your rankings.

Trust me, It doesn’t happen over night and you’re going to have to patiently stick to a writing schedule. I tell my clients they should publish a blog post at least once week. That’s a whopping 52 pages, packed full of relevant keywords and unique urls per year! Launching your website and then forgetting about it is a surefire way to get lost amongst the sea of pixels.

Be social

With all the blogging you’ll be doing now, you’ll have plenty of stuff to share on social media. Eventually your audience will recognize the value and share it on their own, promoting your business for you.

Then you’ll notice other people in the industry starting to follow you on social media and linking to your articles.

With that, you’ll slowly become an authority figure – looked upon as a professional in your industry. This builds trust and your audience will flock towards your business.

But I did all this stuff and I still don’t rank highly?!

Sometimes that happens, folks. SEO doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time. Much of it is based on other sites that link back to your page, and you have no direct control over that. You just need to focus on what you do have control over, which is making your pages and posts as compelling as it can be and encourage those links.

How we can help

As a professional web designer, there are 5 main things we do on our end to ensure nothing gets in the way of your SEO efforts:

  1. We build your website on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, which has some great SEO fundamentals already built-in.
  2. We build it mobile-friendly, otherwise google will penalize you if it’s not.
  3. We provide on-page SEO which means we optimize every page for search engines in terms of using header tags, meta tags, meta descriptions, alt tags and valid, standards-compliant code.
  4. We install Yoast SEO and configure it for an effective permalink structure.
  5. We take care of the hosting of your website to ensure fast loading pages with virtually no downtime, which is crucial for ecommerce websites.

Hopefully now you’re equipped with the truth and knowledge to possibly get your website on the first page of Google. It takes a lot of time and work folks, SEO is a long-term strategy. If it were easy, everyone would show up at the top of google and be sailing on their own private yachts : )

Are you ready to climb aboard and start selling your products or services online? Check out our ecommerce website packages.

Bon voyage!

About David Zupec

David Zupec is a web designer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids, a small web design studio based in Michigan. His passion is helping small businesses build a successful online presence.