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Great product photos can boost your conversion rate

Great product photos can boost your conversion rate

Although ecommerce stores are putting brick-and-morter shops out of business, the main reason why folks are still going to the physical stores is because they can touch and see the product before purchasing.

That’s a little bit more difficult to do online. Let’s say you order a shirt online, and when you receive it you notice that the color and fabric isn’t the same as it looks in the photos on the website. This problem doesn’t happen when a customer walks into a physical store.

Although you can’t duplicate the same shopping experience that you find at a brick-and-mortar shop, with amazing product photography, you can improve your conversion rate and make your customers happy.

Let’s take a look below at a few of the many things you can do with your product photos to boost your sales and build great customer relationships.

Large, crisp, detailed images show off everything

Let’s say that a customer is on your website, looking to purchase a colorful summer bracelet. Don’t assume that they are going to jump for joy and make a purchase, If all you have to show the product off are a few small photos that don’t even reveal some of the details and colors in the links, or the fine floral engraving on the clasp.

Your product images need to be large enough with great resolution to drive home the beauty of whatever product you’re selling. I like to add a zoom functionality to my clients sites that allow the customers to hover over a product and instantly zoom in and see all the details.

White backgrounds look professional and cleaner

I cannot stress this enough. A clean white background is generally the best for your product photos, in order to make the shopping process as clutter-free and low-stress as possible. It also helps make your site look more minimalist, professional and free of distractions.

Color accuracy decreases customer returns and complaints

Depending on the product you’re selling, color inaccuracies is one of the reasons why ecommerce customers return their products. After all, your customers have to trust what they see on your website and their monitors and smartphones.

Great product photography can affect conversions and decrease customer returns because it ensures the real product color is being displayed clearly and accurately.

Close-up photos show off the details

Let’s say that you have a product page selling hand-stitched boat shoes. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary pair of leather boat shoes with laces. But what happens when the customer can’t see some of the stitching on the shoes that’s in the shape of an anchor, or the laces that resemble real nautical rope with brass eyelets?

Are there particular details that are only visible if you were to make a zoomed-in version of the picture? The problem with not including product detail photos is that the customers might not notice the beautifully crafted details that make your product unique and worth the purchase price.

So the bottom line here is that you need to show customers the finer details so that they have as much information on your products as possible. Provide clear, close-up photos of details like stitching, clasps, ties, etc., and be sure to include them as alternate views.

Complimentary photos will help you upsell

Suggesting similar products is great, but there is also a unique opportunity here to present to your customers how one product compliments another.

You can add photos of products that compliment that particular product. If you’re selling clothing, this works perfect, simply by asking your customers to “complete their look”. Your shoppers can browse through photos of complete outfits and pick the ones they like and then see all the pieces that coordinate. Then from there they can scroll down to your related products section and purchase those products.

The clients I’ve worked with love this idea, they not only see a boost in their conversion rates, but their customers can visualize how the complimentary products in your store match up together.

It’s the perfect upsell solution, combining the power of related items and beautiful photography.


If you’re looking to add or already have ecommerce capabilities on your website, I would consider these points in this post as you’re thinking about your products pages, then watch your conversion rate climb.

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David Zupec is a web designer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids, a small web design studio based in Michigan. His passion is helping small businesses build a successful online presence.