Email Automation

Recapture sales. Effortlessly.

Take advantage of powerful email automation capabilities and start connecting with your new contacts, generating more revenue, boosting customer loyalty, re-engaging inactive subscribers, and more.

Welcome new customers

Make a powerful first impression. Send a single email or a series of automated emails to show customers everything you have to offer. Or, simply extend a warm welcome to new subscribers.

email automation
email automation

Send recommendations and rewards

Send customers product recommendations tailored to their purchases from your website. Nurture lasting relationships and reward your top spenders by sending coupons and discounts sent automatically by their shopping behavior.

Follow up on website activity

Automatically follow up with customers after a purchase and recommend other products that they’ll love. Or, convert interested subscribers into customers by sending relevant information based on what they viewed on your site. Ask for feedback, send a quick survey, or provide customers with helpful information—like usage or care instructions—after they make a purchase.

email automation
email automation

Re-engage your customers

Re-engage lapsed customers or inactive subscribers by creating a win-back email series. Show your appreciation for their business, offer incentives, or highlight some of the products and services they might be missing.

Send abandoned cart messages

Automatically send emails when customers abandon their shopping carts in your website. Send a follow-up email to remind shoppers about the items they've left behind, and encourage them to return to your website to complete their purchase.

email automation

Raise the bar. Higher.

savannahI knew email marketing was important but I kept putting it off. Mostly because of the extra time and effort I thought I would have to put into it to make it work. Thanks to David, our investment paid off and with no extra effort on our part.

–Savannah, Founder, Destructive Youth


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