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12 ways a new website can help your bottom line in 2016

12 ways a new website can help your bottom line in 2016

Wondering whether it’s time to get a new website or upgrade your existing one? I can’t answer that question for you, of course, but I can tell you that nearly all of my clients find that adding a new look, or a handful of key features, to their web presence turns out to be one of the best business decisions they’ve ever made.

That’s because a new or improved website can help your business run more smoothly, and improve your bottom line, in a number of different ways.

Here are a dozen of the most important:

1. Make a stronger first impression

Your business website might be the first (and potentially only) part of your business a new customer ever sees. That makes having the right look, not to mention an easy-to-use navigation structure, a must for any company.

2. Improve SEO rankings and online visibility

The easier you are to find, the more customers are likely to find you. That’s especially true on Google, which currently handles more than 80% of all North American searches to the tune of 2 billion inquiries per day.

3. Lower Internet advertising costs

An improved business website increases your pay-per-click quality score. That means you can enjoy better bit positions with lower advertising costs.

4. Target your marketing more carefully

Your business website should appeal directly to your most important buyers (the men and women who are likely to place orders for years to come). Just as importantly, though, it shouldn’t invite time-consuming inquiries from people who are likely to do business with you.

5. More smart phone buyers

If you’re website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you could be missing out on a large and growing segment of the market.

6. Increase in local interest and foot traffic

Likewise, local search on Google and review sites has replaced the Yellow Pages and print directories in most areas. So, if you want buyers who are close to home, think of your business website first.

7. Better promotion of sales and special events

A business website that’s easy to update, or one that has good e-mail newsletter integration, allows you to reach previous buyers quickly and inexpensively. That means you can do a better job of promoting sales, discounts, new products, and special events.

8. Higher product prices

When you have a high-quality business website, people perceive your business as more trustworthy, and your products as being worth more. That means you can often raise prices on what you sell and enjoy a higher profit margin.

9. Sell more to each customer

With strong social media and e-mail marketing campaigns tied into your new business website, you can capture more customer data and contact them more frequently. That means more frequent purchases throughout the year.

10. Automated customer service

By adding frequently asked questions, product usage videos, assembly instructions, and other items to your site, you can decrease calls and inquiries to your company significantly, saving you time and money.

11. Attention from local or industry press

Journalists and editors turn to the web for research just like everyone else. If your website makes you seem credible and reputable, they might look to you for answers – earning you free publicity in the process.

12. Better, less costly recruiting and hiring

Your website isn’t just for customers. When you need to add new employees or vendors, having a site that attracts the right kind of professional can be a huge asset.


For most companies, just one or two of these benefits far outweighs the cost of an updated business website. If you are interested in how we can help achieve these results for your website, get in touch with us and let’s discuss your business goals.

About David Zupec

David Zupec is a web designer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids, a small web design studio based in Michigan. His passion is helping small businesses build a successful online presence.