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Ahoy! I’m David Zupec, web designer and developer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids

I create things so others can succeed. Forward thinking, strategic and innovative; ​I thrive on identifying unique opportunities and approaches when building websites. As a progressive initiator with the ability to take ideas and execute, I bring a youthful and relevant perspective. I have a dedication and perseverance to consistently give it my all to help brands thrive, grow and make a global impact. I do my best work for people who are trying to execute something exceptional and who values the services I offer.

Sailors & Mermaids is based out of Michigan, but work with clients throughout the world via Skype and email. Climb aboard with Sailors & Mermaids and discover new horizons.

P.S. After months of delays my new site design was finally launched this August! It's still a work in progress and will be fully responsive this Fall, I promise!

Charted course

Dive-in and explore my process of building websites that communicate their message effectively, and connect to their target audiences successfully!

  • map 1. Map
  • build 2. Build
  • polish 3. Polish
  • launch 4. Launch
  • Map


    Let’s get to know you. Communication is central to the success of a new project. I don't just share my expertise — I help you achieve your goals and turn your visions into reality.

  • Build


    I make a perfect combination of look, feel and functionality that compliments the most important element, your content. I create a design that is user-friendly, accessible and effectively communicates your objectives.

  • Polish


    At this phase we go through our checklist. Here we polish and refine with the required plugins, including SEO, social sharing and much more.

  • Launch


    My dedication to your satisfaction is reflected in the way I passionately execute your project! I go through a thorough review making sure everything performs to your expectations. All hands on deck, we're launching!

Learn the ropes

  • services


    I offer a variety of services including web design, web development, branding, and monthly maintenance.

  • projects


    Take a look at my work. My diverse portfolio includes musicians, custom jewelers, and beverage startups.

  • about


    Learn more about me, my skillset, and why you should climb aboard with me on your next project.

  • contact


    If you're looking for a quote or would like to discuss your project further, I'm easily within reach.