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Ahoy! I’m David Zupec, web designer and developer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids

I create things so others can succeed. Forward thinking, strategic and innovative; ​I thrive on identifying unique opportunities and approaches when building websites. As a progressive initiator with the ability to take ideas and execute, I bring a youthful and relevant perspective. I have a dedication and perseverance to consistently give it my all to help the brand thrive, grow and make a global impact. I do my best work for people who want to execute something exceptional.

I'm based out of Michigan, but work with clients throughout the U.S. via Skype, email and phone. Climb aboard with Sailors & Mermaids and let's work together.

Charted Course

Dive in and explore our four-phase process that I've created to turn your idea into a reality.

  • map 1. Map
  • design 2. Design
  • build 3. Build
  • launch 4. Launch
  • Map our course

    Let’s get to know you. Your style and needs are unique, that’s why you want something custom. Whether you're looking for a complete custom web package or you have your own design and need WordPress development, I can help you map out a plan and discover what you'll need for your project to become a reality and successful.

  • All hands on deck

    At this phase the overall look and feel of your project comes to light. This is where our ideas and everything we discussed gets turned into a visual Photoshop mockup representation of your website. Communication is important here in order to finalize the designs before we go full steam ahead.

  • Framework construction

    This is the development phase. Where your finalized designs along with WordPress, HTML and CSS all come together piece by piece to bring your project to life. All code is validated, search engine optimized, responsive, and supported in the latest browsers - all very important for a successful web presence!

  • Anchors aweigh

    The much anticipated phase has arrived! This is when we get all your content added and then go through a thorough testing and review making sure everything performs to your expectations. Once that's completed and your website is successfully launched, break open your favorite rum, brew or bubbly, the voyage has begun!

Learn the ropes

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    I offer a variety of services including web design, web development, branding, and monthly maintenance.

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    Take a look at my work. My diverse portfolio includes musicians, custom jewelers, and beverage startups.

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    Learn more about me, my skillset, and why you should climb aboard with me on your next project.

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    If you're looking for a quote or would like to discuss your project further, I'm easily within reach.