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Captains Quarters

Crafting websites that'll capture your audience.

Ahoy! I’m David Zupec, web designer and WordPress developer at the helm of Sailors & Mermaids. I create things so others can succeed. Forward thinking, strategic and innovative; ​I thrive on identifying unique opportunities and approaches when building websites. I have a dedication and perseverance to consistently give it my all to help brands thrive, grow and make a global impact. I do my best work for people who are trying to execute something exceptional and who values the services I offer.

Sailors & Mermaids is based out of Michigan, but I work with clients throughout the world via Skype and email. Learn more about Sailors & Mermaids and lets discuss how I can help you!

A quick note: My new site design was finally launched this August! It's still a work in progress and will be fully responsive for mobile and tablets this Winter.

Charted course

Dive-in and explore my process of building websites that communicate their message effectively, and connect to their target audiences successfully!

  • map 1. Chart
  • build 2. Build
  • dock 3. All-Aboard
  • launch 4. Launch
  • Chart


    Let’s get to know you and chart our course. Communication is central to the success of a new project. I don't just share my expertise — I help you achieve your goals and turn your visions into reality.

  • Build


    I build a perfect combination of look, feel and functionality that compliments the most important element, your content. I create a design that is user-friendly, accessible and effectively communicates your objectives.

  • All-Aboard


    At this phase we go through our checklist before we launch. Here we load the necessary plugins, as well as any other integrations that are needed to make your launch successful.

  • Launch


    My dedication to your satisfaction is reflected in the way I passionately execute your project! I go through a thorough review making sure everything performs to your expectations. All hands on deck, we're launching!

Learn the ropes

  • services


    I offer a variety of services including web design, web development, branding, and monthly maintenance.

  • projects


    Take a look at my work. My diverse portfolio includes musicians, custom jewelers, and beverage startups.

  • about


    Learn more about me, my skillset, and why you should climb aboard with me on your next project.

  • contact


    If you're looking for a proposal or would like to discuss your project further, I'm easily within reach.